The energy sector has moved from evolution to revolution in the last two years. The most capital-intensive and geo-political of all industries is facing its highest level of uncertainty for more than fifteen years, and wrestling with how to deliver affordable, clean and secure energy to billions of people. The global balance of demand and supply, the competitiveness of renewable energy, the changing patterns of energy consumption and the disruptive powers of new technologies make for heady and high-stakes strategic moves in traditionally conservative management teams.

At Marakon, we help energy firms understand the fundamental issues better and faster, so they can make major strategic and portfolio decisions more confidently and more quickly than rivals. We work with companies to ensure they are efficient and focused operators of their chosen assets and businesses. We support the realization and implementation of strategy across countries and business lines.

Our clients include large energy firms engaged on upstream, midstream and/or downstream activities, governments, utilities, service companies, technology providers, new entrants and investment companies.

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