Rapid change is the order of the day in Consumer, Health, and Wellness. The competitive advantages of scale are disappearing in light of the fragmentation of consumer taste, channel, and competition. Manufacturers are finding the power of the mega brand eroding.  The bricks and mortar retail landscape is under existential threat from digital competition.  Traditional R&D models are being questioned, product pricing is under pressure, and increasing regulation and public sector scrutiny is changing the face of industries as diverse as alcohol, food and Over the Counter medication (OTC).   

At Marakon we work with Executives in the Consumer, Health and Wellness sector to devise and implement strategies that enable value growth despite the changing and challenging circumstances. We deliver fact-based and experience-driven insight on how to use strategic, operating, organizational, and financing levers in tight, integrated combination, to create value. We work with executives to re-shape business portfolios, improve operating performance through organic growth and productivity improvement, create more agile, externally-oriented, and aligned organizations, while ensuring optimal use of the balance sheet for value creation.   

Our clients include manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and durables, retailers, investment companies, and pharmaceutical and OTC multinationals.

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The partnership is unparalleled. Marakon helped us to develop the right strategic priorities and build-out the capabilities to deliver against them. In that way we were able to create significant value in the business in a relatively short time — disciplined value creation.

Bridgette Heller – Former EVP and President of Merck Consumer Care


A consultancy that has advised some of the world’s most consistently successful companies.

The Economist


An absolutely top notch consultancy, among the half-dozen firms that form the elite in strategy consulting.