Can Robotics Solve the Crisis in Aged Care?

As this short piece in the FT highlights, Japan – with its rapidly ageing population – is leading internationally on robotic support in aged care.  Robots not only help with physical challenges but also play a role in engaging the aged.  

Elsewhere, care providers are experimenting with robotics, but overall adoption is slow.  More progress has been made by some with digital solutions that enable care regime adherence and family engagement in the wellbeing of their loved ones.  

One might look at Robots as the perfect answer to staff shortages and the strains on public funds and private budgets, but they are certainly not the holistic solution we need.  Policymakers, regulators private funders, and aged care providers internationally will need to work more closely together to find solutions and to ensure care facilities are increasingly fit-for-purpose, that care is organised well, and that staff work in supportive environments with fair pay.  

Only broad stakeholder collaboration will avert the crisis we are already in or will soon be facing in many countries.