MBA graduates are a key talent pool for Marakon. Each year we recruit a diverse group of MBAs from business schools around the world to join us as Senior Associates. We focus our recruiting efforts on a limited number of business schools where we have strong relationships, however we welcome applications from outstanding individuals from accredited academic institutions worldwide.

What We Are Looking for

In addition to a proven track record of academic excellence and two to six years of professional experience, we also look for evidence of the following skills and attributes throughout the application and interview process:

  • Structured and logical thinking
  • A creative and analytical approach to problem solving
  • Empathy, maturity and professionalism
  • An understanding of the business issues confronting CEOs and general management
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues at all levels
  • Desire to achieve high standards both personally and professionally
  • Common sense
  • A genuine interest in Strategic Management Consulting and more importantly Marakon must also be evident

Interview Process

There are two rounds in the interview process. The first round consists of two interviews that involve a case study and a CV-related discussion. The case study helps us evaluate your facility with numbers and your problem-solving ability. The CV-related discussion helps us to learn more about you, your accomplishments, and your interests – and provides you an opportunity to ask questions about us and consulting in general. Final round interviews consist of two additional case studies and a CV-related discussion with one of our Vice Presidents.