We set very high standards in our experienced hire recruitment, recognising the skills and experience required to successfully integrate at a more senior level, as well as the need to bring valuable skills that complement consultants who have joined directly from an Undergraduate or Graduate degree program.

We are currently advertising for the following experienced hire opportunities:

  • North America
  • London

What We Are Looking for

It takes a rare combination of principles, dedication and above all humility to advise top managers on their highest-value issues. Providing advice that sheds new light on these issues requires creativity, energy and the courage to hold a view that is both original and challenging.

  • A strong academic record
  • Relevant professional experience
    • Consulting
    • Finance (M&A, corporate finance, due diligence)
    • Industry (Sector specific expertise, or strategy / business development role within blue chip company)
  • Evidence of accelerated career progression in current / previous roles
  • Evidence of exposure to and understanding of key issues faced by senior management
  • Evidence of strong analytical and strategic thinking capabilities
  • Leadership potential (and examples from previous work experience)
  • Advanced communication skills including influencing and negotiating
  • Evidence of successful team work
  • A genuine (and well-motivated) interest in consulting and Marakon
  • If you feel that there is a match between your experience and career expectations and what we can offer you then we would like to hear from you