Coronavirus: Considerations for Leaders Looking Ahead

We Are Here to Help Read more

We share an update on the issues facing many of our clients in light of Covid-19, and our commitment to help.



5 Lasting Changes CEOs Need to Be Planning ForRead more

We share our perspective on the five lasting changes that every CEO should be planning for as they react to Covid-19 changes and plan for long-term success.


What We Are Being Asked to DoRead more

We share seven things we are being asked to help our clients do as they look towards leading their organisations through the Covid-19 crisis and emerging in the strongest position possible.



Rebase the Plan; Regain controlRead more

Covid-19 has created significant uncertainty for the Food and Beverage sector. We address how business leaders can re-gain a measure of agency over their short-term business performance and make choices that will help them outperform when the recovery comes.


The Opportunity for European Meat Industry CEOsRead more

We outline the uncertainties and opportunities ahead for Meat Industry CEOs in light of short-term resilience to the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with increasing long-term uncertainty for the industry.



4 Distinct COVID Response ChoicesRead more

Marakon’s Covid Response Framework maps 60 S&P 1200 Consumer Goods and Foodservice companies to their unique reality – their ability to withstand the short-term turbulence, and their readiness to take on what lies ahead in the new normal, and accordingly suggests a tailored strategic response.



People, Planet, ProfitRead more

While the crisis will have lasting financial impacts, it also demonstrates how businesses can act as a force for good and help shift society for the better. We share our top five ideas for helping drive more joined up thinking between people, planet and profits to positively impact more of all three, more of the time.